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  • Rachel Allen Dillon

Is This Web-Based Training Clunky?

A positive result of being in a graduate program related to my career is getting exposure to my job better. In one of my classes this semester, we broke into groups of three or four students to produce a learning experience based on a chapter from our textbook, Adult Learning: Linking theory and practice. It is a somewhat dry book, as textbooks often are, and anytime theories are introduced, they can be complex and sometimes abstract. Breaking out a chapter into something a little more relatable and relevant is challenging.

Our group was assigned Chapter 6, Experience and Learning. We decided to build a web-based training (WBT), and since I was somewhat of gluten for punishment, I took on the task of building the entire project. I won't go into my failures of offering to take on more than I should have; that's not what this post is about. The tool I use at work to build out WBTs is Articulate 360. I can't afford Articulate 360, so I decided to build this training in Storyline 3. I bring this up because I used the silly characters that come with the program for time efficiency. I usually cringe at the blocky characters, but I work full-time, I'm a mom, and in grad school, so I didn't think finding and manipulating characters I liked was a good use of my time.

Here are my questions to anyone wanting to give their two cents: Is the WBT below unprofessional looking and feeling? Is the delivery so dry it's impossible even to retain anything one may wish to use in the future?

I've witnessed two additional group projects that make mine feel old-fashioned and dull in comparison. One group delivered their chapter as a video produced in a webinar-style. It was interactive, nicely designed, and interesting. Another group used Articulate Rise for their project. Each group member contributed their own section and left a good impression. I'm inquisitive to see if anyone has professional feedback in regards to my group project.

Here is a link to the WBT group project:

On a side note, I haven't tried this tool out yet, but it seems to have a similar interface as Articulate Rise; it's call Adapt Learning. I will hopefully try this tool out on another class project. The end of my second semester is just around the bend. I have three more semesters to go:)

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