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  • Rachel Allen Dillon

Over Halfway There

I'm over halfway done with my Masters of Science in Instructional Design & Technology from CSU, Fullerton. The program drives me to think, research, write, and develop better learning experiences.

We received a badge to show our progress and to recognize the hard work we've already done. The summer session I just completed might have been the most challenging for me. I started a new job at the same time. I'd work all day trying to learn the ropes of an entirely different company and then do homework until midnight.

One of my school projects was super fun. I teamed up with two classmates to develop the introduction to a web-based training called, How to Say No At Work, So You Don't Become a Zombie. Adding a metaphorical spin to such a relatable topic made it more memorable and sticky. It was also great to hang with people that have similar goals and sense of humor. As my daughter says, "Awe, you found your peeps."

I have two semesters left until graduation, so less than a year. On my to-do list is writing a 50+ page thesis to support a web-based training that I design and develop. In the end, I will truly feel like I accomplished something monumental and learned so much every step of the way.

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