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Acrylic Dot Painting

ART SUPPLIES: Acrylic paint, a palette, a paintbrush, a rag, and one of the templates below printed on cardstock. 

TECHNIQUE: Use the backend of the paintbrush. Dip it into the acrylic paint so there is a significant drop, and press it onto the paper. You can get a few dots of color from one dip. Wipe the backend clean, then dip again.

Try to keep the dots from touching. This makes it like a mosaic, and the white of the paper is visible. 

Be careful to keep the back of your hand from touching the wet paint. 


Dots with Markers

ART SUPPLIES: Markers and a printout of the template on cardstock. 

TECHNIQUE: This is a great project to do on a rainy day. Use as many colors of markers as you want. This is a less messy technique.


Like with acrylic paint, make the dots stand alone. You can push a little harder to make the dot bigger and lighter pressure to create a smaller dot. 

Try to keep the white border of the paper clear around each dot.


More Templates to Add Colorful Dots


These illustrations are from my children's book "Through Endangered Eyes".

These illustrations are 5.5"x 8.5" which makes them easier to paint than the smaller images.

Writing Non-Fiction Poetry and Dot Painting Lessons for Kids

Poetry Presentation cover.jpg
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