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Art Card Project 1- Colorful Bird

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Let's have fun creating something beautiful! Follow the steps and let go of negative thoughts - this project is all about enjoying the process and adding your personal flavor. Your finished card will be a unique expression of you!

First, head to Target or Michaels and grab some art supplies like colored pencils, fine-tip markers, and a black Sharpie. Don't forget to pick up a ream of white cardstock paper, and maybe black cardstock too.

Cut your paper into quarters. The art card will measure 4.25" x 5.5". These cards fit perfectly into an A2 envelope. Then, follow the six steps in the slider below. The arrow (>) on the right allows you to scroll through each step; it looks like a part of the bird in the second step, but it's not.

After you've completed your card, write a note on the back and mail it to someone you care about. They will be thrilled to receive a hand-made card with a hand-written message—because, really, how often do we get those? So put on some good music, let your creativity shine, and enjoy!

These are how my examples turned out. Now, I get to pick the people to mail them to. :)

Feel free to download the Colorful Bird Art Project and print it out. I'd love to see and hear about the results of your work.

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1 comentario

Rachel Allen Dillon
01 oct 2023

I wanted to share my friend's solutions to this fun project. :)

Me gusta
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