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  • Rachel Allen Dillon

Empty Nester, Now What?

I think a lot of moms who have become empty nesters in the past one to three years are unique. We went from a pandemic that kept our babies (young adults) close to us, making it harder to let them go. Well, at least it did for me. I had this bonus time with them and loved it. I watched my teenagers grow closer as they leaned into our bubble. As scary as the pandemic was, the time became precious.

Momma bird and baby barn swallows
Momma Bird & Baby Barn Swallows

I knew it would be challenging for me when my oldest child went to college. I also knew my younger child was only two years away from college. I prepared for a sense of loss. How could I not? My feelings for my kids are intense; I'd die for them. That being said, I tried to balance my energy when they were growing up. I had a job, a sport, hobbies, and friends, so my world didn't entirely revolve around them. But I would drop anything for them if they needed me, and I was always their biggest fan when they had an event.

And there they went, flapping their wings. I knew I did my job well because they were confident, comfortable taking on new challenges, and thrived independently. I celebrate them and their successes and failures as they discover who they are without my guidance. I mean, my voice is probably always niggling in the back of their head, but their choices are their choices. So, as they blossom outside our home, I'm left with holes, quiet, and empty moments. The house is the same, but my environment is different.

My empty-nester surprise is the depth of emotional impact. I miss my kids. A lot. I have spent the last year looking for balance, as a part of my identity has shifted. My job as a mom will always be there; it just shows up differently.

Any significant life change plants us in a new space; whether it's retirement, divorce, loss, or seeking a new path, it's natural to feel unbalanced. And that's what this blog is about-- How I'm navigating the empty-nester path and the techniques I use to find MY way. Maybe it'll inspire someone and add to their growth toolbelt.

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10 sept. 2023

Love this Rachel - so true! ❤️

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